How To Get The Best Wedding Flash Photos

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A big trend I have seen explode within the wedding photography industry is flash photos! Every bride wants a good party photo of them on the dance floor enjoying their party with their people. And as a photographer I can tell you that these are some of my favorite kind of reception photos to take. I’m going to share with you some tips & the exact things I do to get the best wedding flash photos!

Be Fun on the Dance Floor!!!

The best way to start off getting these amazing photos is by having the mindset of having fun on the dance floor. I know that by the time dancing starts, it’s been a super long day, but this is your time to shine and have some last moments of fun! I always tell the bride and groom to get right on the dance floor to set the tone.

Your Gear

The next tip I have is to make sure you’ve got the right gear for every type of flash photo taken. I love using a 24mm lens. It helps me get wide enough when there’s a huge crowd of people. My absolute favorite piece of equipment to use is of course my flash! I use the Profoto A10 Flash, and I absolutely love it. It’s a game changer. For Sparkler exits I have an on-camera still light! Don’t use your flash for sparkler exits because your focus takes a bit to long in such darkness and wont be as accurate as the still light!

Your Settings

Your flash settings will bring all of this together! I start off by keeping my ISO at 200, shutter speed at 1/120 or higher, and my aperture at 2.0. As you get further or closer away from people you may have to adjust these settings, but this is a great start! Flash is all about troubleshooting, so have some fun and test it out.


When you’re on the dance floor, don’t be afraid to experiment and have fun with flash! Test out different angles or ask the DJ to announce a dance tunnel. There are so many fun ways to get great wedding flash photos!

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with love,
Rachel Maloney