About the  photographer

Rachel Maloney

I live for precious moments spent with cherished friends and beloved family. The laughter, the camaraderie – they're the threads that weave together the tapestry of unforgettable memories. Just as I've experienced the best of times when surrounded by those who bring out my truest self, I am dedicated to ensuring you have the same on your special day. 


Wedding photography for me means being inspired by the moments that naturally unfold, and staying true to allowing you to enjoy it together. Photographing intentionally is all about finding the real emotions in human interaction. When I pick up my camera, it's not just about snapping pictures. It's about holding the moment, catching candid glances, and showing the connections that make life richer.

Your laughter, your happy tears, the way you smile together – they all deserve to be celebrated and treasured as that's what makes up parts of your life. Your photos should be meaningful, and I want to capture them in a way that features who truly are, together, and I promise to hold true to that.

Since I get to hear all about your love, it's only fair that you get to know about mine. Mike and I met in college back in 2014 at a greek life mixer event. It was the penguin patterned turtle neck he wore for the theme that did me in, LOL. 

When we both graduated we moved in together, and 5 years later we got married back in New York, where we both are from. To say this was the best day every would be an understatement. 

Shortly after we found ourselves with a new fur baby named Pepper. She is the sweetest little peanut, but also so sassy. Now we live in Charleston, SC and love every second of life in this costal beach town. 

Cherishing love

my love story

Where it all Started

I first picked up a camera in 2011 when I was in high school. My aunt always had a nice camera and was taking family photos, so it peaked my curiosity to play around with one and test it out. A year later I took a photography class for college credit, and I honestly didn't take it too seriously. I just thought it would be something fun to fill my schedule.

A few years out of college, I hadn't even touched a camera, and someone close to me was getting married. No, I didn't photograph it, but I was a bridesmaid and I thought it was so cool that the photographer got to do something she loved for a living.

Not even a week later, I signed up for that same photographers workshop & never looked back. I learned so much from her, and decided that I would give photography a shot. After 6 months of saving up, I was able to quit my job and start photographing weddings full time. 

Now I can truly say that I am so proud to be a full time wedding photographer, and it genuinley brings me joy to share my work with others. 

My promise to you


Your bigest moments deserve to be preserved timelessly