Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

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If you’re planning any type of adventurous elopement, I’m sure you’ve considered any one of the amazing national parks that North America has to offer. During your research, you might’ve realized that there are a lot more national parks around here than you thought! As an adventure elopement photographer, here are my list of best national parks to elope at in 2022. 

Acadia National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

I absolutely LOVE Acadia National Park, in fact I just got back from visiting not too long ago at the time I’m writing this blog post! It’s one of the most beautiful places on the Eastern Seaboard, and would be such a stunning park to elope at. This 47,000 acre park sits on an island right off the coast of Maine, right near the town of Bar Harbor. There are elopement locations within the park that have sick views, and there are also venues nearby if you prefer to do it that way. You have mountains, braces, rocky coastlines, basically any view that you would need to have the East Coast elopement of your dreams! 

I have an entire guide on How to Elope at Acadia National Park that gives you alllll the info you need to make an informed decision!

Rocky Mountain National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

If you’re looking to elope in the Colorado Mountains and have an amazing adventure at the same time, you’ll most likely want to elope at Rocky Mountain National Park. It’s located in Northern Colorado, just about 55 miles northwest of Denver! Rocky Mountain National Park is home to Colorado’s highest mountain, as well as many other beautiful ones that would be the perfect backdrop for your elopement. There are numerous locations within the park near lakes, hiking trails, and even areas where you can have a small, simple reception. 

Yosemite // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Wanna take a trip to the sunny state of California for your elopement? I’ll be right behind you! Yosemite National Park would be so freakin’ pretty for a winter elopement, when the park is covered in snow and everything has that “magical” feel to it. Even if winter isn’t your vibe, the park is beaming with life and sunlight in the springtime! Once all the ice has melted from the colder months, the trees are green and the plants are blooming. Not to mention, you can have an epic cliffside elopement at Yosemite National Park if you choose a location like Taft Point. 

Shenandoah National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Shenandoah National Park is actually on my list of 7 Epic East Coast Elopement Locations (which you should totally check out after you finish this blog) so of course I had to include it in this list too. This national park is totally underrated in my opinion – but would be a great destination for couples wanting to plan the ultimate adventure elopement. It’s located in the state of Virginia, about 75 miles from Washington D.C. You can elope here with panoramic views of the entire park, along with experiencing waterfalls, hiking trails, white-water rafting, mountain climbing, and more. 

Zion National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Did you know that Zion was Utah’s first national park? One of the highlights of this park is the massive canyon located on the grounds; it averages about 2,000 feet deep and offers tons of great hiking opportunities for adventurous couples. One thing about ZNP is that summer is… hot. The temperatures can get up to 100 degrees fahrenheit, which isn’t super ideal for planning an elopement. To avoid undesirable temps, try shooting for October or November when the park is much less busy and the weather is beautiful.

Arches National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Also located in Utah, we have Arches National Park, located just north of the popular elopement spot of Moab. There are some crazy beautiful geological formation at this park, such as the sandstone arches of the red-hued Delicate Arch, the long, thin Landscape Arch, and the Balanced Rock. It’s actually the most concentrated area of natural sandstone arches in the world, so you know that that fact alone makes it an epic national park to elope at. If you’re looking for unique scenery and proximity to Moab for vacationing, this spot is perfect for you. 

Grand Teton National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Rugged mountains, crystal clear lakes, insane landscapes, and active glaciers? Grand Teton National Park is by far one of Wyoming’s greatest wonders. The rocks in the park are about 2.7 billion years old, making them some of the oldest rocks in North America. It took decades to establish Grand Tenton, and now the park is filled with wildlife such as elk, pronghorns, and North America’s largest waterfowl. So don’t be surprised if we come across an elk herd or two during your elopement! The fact GT is home to so many different animals just reinforces the beauty and natural state of the park. 

Mount Rainier National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Ugh, the epic beauty that the west coast destination of the PNW has to offer. Although the PNW is all the way across the country, a trip there is only a click away! Mount Rainier National Park is home to, well, the infamous peak of Mount Rainier, one of the most beautiful mountains in Washington. Along with that, there are so many photo spots that would take your breath away. The park itself is huge, and we could literally spend days exploring it together. This would be a great park to have a weekend elopement at, solely because of all the locations to see! 

Joshua Tree National Park // Best National Parks to Elope at in 2022

Heading back to California one more time, we have Joshua Tree National Park. Unlike Yosemite, JT is in the high desert of California right near the popular vacation spot of Palm Springs. Joshua Tree is where the Colorado and Mojave Desert meet, making for a very unique terrain for the normally green and lively state. There are tons of super cool and eclectic Airbnb’s near this national park that you can elope at, or tons of spots in the actual park! And of course, if you want to honeymoon nearby, there are some pretty cool, romantic, (and luxurious) resorts in Palm Springs. 

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