St. Michael’s Alley: The Perfect Spot for Engagement Photos


Located at the heart of historic Charleston, St. Michael’s Alley is just behind one of the city’s most iconic landmarks, St. Michael’s Church. This beautiful church, completed in 1761, is renowned for its stunning Georgian architecture, featuring large white columns and symmetrical windows that have become a prominent feature of Charleston’s urban cityscape. Inside, the church holds beautifully crafted woodwork, a historic organ, and numerous colonial-era artifacts. This makes it a repository of history as well as a place of worship.

Just behind this historic church is St. Michael’s Alley. This narrow cobblestone pathway runs alongside the church, and is framed by old brick walls of surrounding buildings. It’s a quiet, less-traveled part of the city, offering a serene escape from the bustling streets. The best feature of the alley is the cypress trees that line each side, making you feel like you’re in the Italian countryside. Almost every couple wants photos in this spot, especially when taking engagement photos in downtown Charleston. Whether draped in morning light or shaded in the late afternoon, St. Michael’s Alley provides a timeless setting for couples to create memorable images.

I got to photograph Hannah and Chris in this little spot just a few weeks ago! Their fun loving energy made it the perfect area to hangout and take photos. I’m obsessed with how they turned out, and I cant wait for more couples to request their engagement photos here!

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with love,
Rachel Maloney