Engagement Photos on the Ashley River


Last week I did some engagement photos on the Ashley River for Kim and Shae! Kim’s parents have property in Beaufort, and she grew up spending summers here. So, it seemed fitting to do their engagement photos at a place that means so much to them.

Both Kim and Shae went to high school together, but didn’t end up reconnecting until a few years later. I had a lot of fun with them over the course of a couple hours, and they made my job as easy as possible. Engagement photos are always better when it feels like your’e just hanging out with a couple of friends.

I was already excited to do these photos, and then I found out we would also be making use of their boat. Boat photos? Say no more. We took a ride down the river and found a location to shoot at. I was also glad I had brought my zoom lens because shooting photos on a speed boat can get a little tight, but the ride was well worth it!

I am so thrilled with how the photos came out, and I cannot wait to shoot their wedding day!

Want your engagement photos on the Ashley River?

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with love,
Rachel Maloney